Sunday, April 12, 2015

Belated Autism Awareness Day Post

It wouldn't be life here without a few internet glitches... so please excuse the fact that this post is over a week late. Still, wanted to share our experience from last Thursday...

Autism awareness is an issue that is close to the hearts of many of us here at Neema International, so it was truly a joy teaming up with other local organizations for the Kilimanjaro Autism Awareness walk yesterday! So proud of our Tanzanian family who came out in droves in seven different regions to support the cause!!! It was a thrill for some of the older Tuleeni children to experience town for the first time on such an exciting day. And to do it as a part of something so much bigger than themselves is something we hope will expand their horizons in more ways than one. Despite the heat, Moshi rocked the opportunity to unite with our global community in the efforts to bring about a better understanding and acceptance of our brothers and sisters with Autism. A wonderful day all around! 

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