Sunday, September 21, 2014


Earlier this year, a family friend named Evans Finger put together one of the coolest projects I have ever witnessed/been lucky enough to be a part of!!

Evans put together a One World Futbol campaign for Neema International. The One World Futbol is a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump and doesn't go flat-- even if it is punctured by a thorn! These soccer balls are ideal for children living in villages like ours here in Tanzania where there aren't nice groomed soccer fields and instead we play on dirt fields filled with rocks, thorns, class and other objects that can easily puncture a regular soccer ball. Many children prefer to kick around a coconut covered in socks or rubber bands instead because it is more durable than a normal soccer ball--- but that was before Evans was able to collect 30 One World Futbols for Neema International!!!

I kept many of the balls for the Tuleeni Orphans to use both now and especially for the new orphanage 
that we are building in Uru… however, I took about 12 balls and donated them to a variety of different groups of children here in Tanzania. We passed out the soccer balls to the impoverished primary and secondary schools, other orphanages, and to a near by after school community center/club that many children in the village go after classes or even on the weekends. 

Above are some of the Tuleeni Orphans with me when we received the One World Futbols. 

Above, the kids are checking out how the balls self-inflate without a pump… SO COOL!

My good friend Becca Sliwoski was the director of an AMAZING school called the O'Briend School for the Maasai for the past two years-- The school is located in the middle of a Maasai village, which is very very very rough terrain/landscapes-- We were able to get them a One World Futbol and I have been informed that it is still going strong and has no punctures or problems :) SOOO awesome! 

Thanks so much to Evans and all others that were involved in helping us make this project possible!!!

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