Thursday, January 30, 2014

Picture update of my beautiful little angels!

Balizahu and baby Mandy! 

Caroline, Joyce, and me hanging around the orphanage one afternoon

The kids and me playing the memory game-- we got an incredible donation of board games and Coloring books  from a friend of my father's-- they kids have loved playing with the games. It has also been a great way to teach them how to be patient and wait for your turn to come! 

Neema, Dorisi, Hellen and me :)

Happy little Violet! 

Some fun with Tina!

So my best friend Tina surprised me here in Tanzania for two weeks... She showed up on my door step randomly on a Sunday night-- best surprise ever! My good friends Adam and Edward helped her plan everything. On Sunday night January 12th, Adam calls me around 9:30 at night and was like "hey I got a flat tire-- can I use your car?? I'm at your house now.. Will you bring me the keys to your car??"  I go outside and he is in the safari truck-- I knew he had been on a safari with some clients that weekend, and so when I saw this Mzungu (visitor/white person in swahili-- NOT A DEROGATORY TERM) I just assumed it was a client of his from the weekend. I was like "who is with you?" And then the Mzungu started walking closer to the house and the light hit their face and I saw it was Tina. Craziest surprise of my life. I had NO idea she was coming! Anyways then I got to surprise all the children-- Tina was here in June and July of 2012 with us and the kids adore her. They were soooo surprised and excited to see here. Below are some awesome pictures of Tina and the kids from
Her visit! We can't wait to have her back here again this summer!  

Tina and me bathing Junior and Jonathan!

Tina and Neema mdogo (little neema) 

Tina surprising our girls who are at boarding school at Sangiti! Here she is hugging Hellen 

Tina helping Junior with his homework 

Two of the most important people in my life-- Tina and Mama Faraji 

Thanks for coming to be with us Tina! We love you! 

We love school!!!!!

Balizahu, Godi, Freddy, and Paul looking so smart in their new school uniforms 

Ismaeli, Jonathan, ericki, and junior are loving school so much! They are the stars of the KEA nursery program!

From left to right: Joyce, Jackie, Hellen, Jackie, Anna, and Vanessa--- my BEAUTIFUL strong smart empowered girls at their new boarding school Sangiti!

 Abdallah, kelvin, and Simon dressed and looking so handsome for Majengo secondary school!