Wednesday, December 25, 2013

KCMC Med Students Come to Tuleeni!

Neema International is working hard to form a partnership with the KCMC hospital and their medical students so that the Tuleeni orphans will have constant access to free healthcare and educational seminars!! On December 1st, the 36 KCMC medical students who are in the UN medical student chapter chose Tuleeni orphanage as this year's World AID's day project-- we had these 36 amazing doctors come to the orphanage to teach the kids about protecting yourself from HIV and two certified doctors taught my older kids about reproductive health!! ALL OUR CHILDREN GOT HIV TESTS FOR FREE AND ALL THE TESTS WERE NEGETIVE!!!! Sooooo thankful my kids are healthy! 

Some days I really feel like a mom... Spent a large part of the afternoon holding by kids in my lap, and comforting them while they get their blood drawn... AND Then having the doctor call me over as the kids' mother to show me the tests results and seeing every test was HIV negative.... My eyes teared up. I was so relieved. So so so thrilled to have these kids in my life and to be able to supply them with opportunities like this

So fortunate to have access to this wonderful group of doctors! 

Happy holidays!

Happy thanksgiving from Neema intl and the Tuleeni Orphans! 

The Tuleeni kids colored all these awesome thanksgiving pictures. And this one moved me so much-- "I am thankful for celebrate with us and teach us some kind of things and we see that is good to us, thanks Neema" I love you silvanus!!

Hellen, 13, singing the prayers and lighting the Hanukkah candles with me at the orphanage. 

Happy Hanukkah from all of us, to you! 

Anddddd Merry Xmas! From the Tuleeni orphans, Neema intl, and my family, who came all the way from Texas to join us here in Tanzania for Christmas and New Years! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tuleeni library!

The start of the new Tuleeni orphanage and community center library is on it's way thanks to hands and hearts international!!! They donated over 200 books including all the classics I read as a child. Cannot wait to read these with my kids! Charlotte's web, ramona the pest, ronald dahl, curious george, pippi longstocking, frog&toad, Junie b jones, baby sitters club,  and so many more!!! Thanks so much for the donation h&h international!