Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some cute pictures of me and the kids


I cannot believe the time has already come for me to return back to Tanzania to see the Tuleeni orphans. I leave June 2 and will spend 9 weeks in Tanzania and one week in Ghana. Its going to be a busy busy summer building the new orphanage and making sure that all the kids are ready for school. We have a lot of things to get done and soooo much to catch up on from the 6 months that we have been apart. I have 150lbs of new clothes and toys for the orphans and a bunch of fun things for us to do on my 21st birthday which will mark our one year that we have known each other... I cannot wait to spend every waking minute with my kids and soaking up the smiles, laughter, and memories we will make. It is going to be an amazing summer. I'll be back in American on August 13 and will return with beaded handicrafts and shoes and other items to sell to help raise money for the kids schooling and new home! I'll be blogging everyday this summer so keep in touch!!

Love always,